Jake’s Story

When I lost my mum in March last year it was a sudden shock to me.

I had spent half of my life without a dad and now I knew when I was only 15 I had no mum to go home to either. Not only that but I now had no home to go to. Because of this I spent 3 months living with my Auntie and Uncle. That was a really difficult time for me because I lost my mum only 7 weeks from my first GCSE exam. I began to have counselling  with Bromley Y soon afterwards and I found that my sessions helped me push through the exams and gave me someone to talk to.

After I finished the sessions back in August I was given the details of the Candle Project run by St Christopher’s Hospice and the sessions I was given there helped me talk about things I was angry or stressed about. The Candle project also gave me a group of people in my situation that had been through similar struggles as I had.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re the only one when all of your friends can’t understand exactly how it feels. Then when Bromley Y contacted me again I was introduced to Simon, my Mentor, and I have been meeting with him approximately every 2 weeks over the past year. After I got to know Simon talking to him came really easily because when he was younger he had also lost someone which meant he could understand. I think this was important because it meant I could relate to him.

Now that I have finished the sessions I will miss them but I can say that the Mentoring program at Bromley Y was incredibly helpful to me. Thank you to everyone at Bromley Y for making this past year and a half easier for me. I would have been in a far worse place without your support.

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