Services We Offer

One to One

We offer 1 to 1 evidence based therapies for young people with three main types of one-to-one support:

Guided Self Help (GSH), low-intensity interventions for low mood, anxiety and behavioural problems delivered by Child Wellbeing Practitioners.

GSH differs from traditional therapy in that it encourages the young person to take an active role in their recovery, and puts them in the ‘driving seat’ during the intervention. We work collaboratively, using CBT style frameworks, to educate and encourage use of strategies to overcome difficulties. It is then up to the young person to implement these in their life, outside of sessions. The use of a combination of face-to-face, telephone and Skype sessions, make this a flexible and innovative intervention.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mostly for anxiety, low mood, phobias and panic.

CBT is a type of talking therapy for people who want a therapy with clear goals, that works towards solutions. Your therapist will work with you to identify problem areas that you would like to focus on, and will use structured techniques to help you to understand how you are thinking, and how this may cause problematic feelings or behaviours. Together you will learn to challenge negative ways of thinking, and learn how to react in a positive way which may make you feel better. CBT aims to give you the skills you need to improve your quality of life, and once you finish your therapy you can continue to use the techniques that you have learned on your own.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT-A), for low mood that may be impacted on by relationship difficutlies

IPT-A is designed for young people aged 12 – 18 to reduce low mood symptoms triggered and exacerbated by interpersonal difficulties, promote effective communication and generate solutions to interpersonal problems. Together with your therapist, you would discuss and improve the quality of your personal, family, and school/ workplace relationships as affected by low mood and other stressors. This talking therapy encourages you to complete selected exercises to practice and reinforce skills and apply them to your everyday life.

To read more about evidence based practice please visit:


The Bromley Y mentoring Programme

Bromley Y has a mentoring programme for young people ages 13-18 who require longer term support of up to a year.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a one-to-one relationship between a young person and an adult which provides consistent support, guidance and assistance in the local community. The mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor, who shares their knowledge, skills and experience with a young person in order to achieve an agreed set of goals.

“The Bromley Y mentoring scheme has been a tremendous help for me. The scheme has allowed me to open up to someone new who I knew wouldn’t judge me or try to use the information I gave them against me.

I found speaking to my family and friends about the things going on in my life difficult because often they failed to understand the situation properly or took it the wrong way. With a Bromley Y mentor I was able to discuss these issues and they would instantly understand and encourage me to find ways to deal with the things that were not going so well for me in life.

Since having a Bromley Y mentor, I feel that I have become: more confident, more able to solve problems on my own, and more comfortable in myself. In fact, I would go so far to say I have made a friend out of the mentoring scheme, the scheme is really that casual and fun! For these reasons and more, I would definitely recommend the Bromley Y mentoring scheme to anyone!”


What groups do we offer?

We currently offer two young people’s groups:

Transition Group – working together as a group to help young people who are struggling with making the transition from primary school to secondary school

An Anti-Bullying Group – using group work to help young people who have been victims of bullying.

Each group has the same focus, to help build resilience in young people through group work.

Family Therapy

Most families experience serious difficulties sometimes. If it feels like family relationships are suffering, if you’re no longer sure what to do for the best, or family members seem stuck in repeating patterns of hurtful or harmful behaviour, Family Therapy may help.

Family Therapists work with difficulties in relationships, either in the family, or that affect family functioning, and these may include:

  • problems in relationships within and outside the family
  • stressful life cycle events
  • complex school related problems
  • emotional effects of loss and separation
  • effects of family member’s mental or physical functioning
  • separation, divorce and step-family life
  • reactions to trauma
  • parental difficulties with understanding and managing adolescent development
  • the effects of a developmental disorder (e.g.ADHD, Asperger’s) upon the family

Family Therapists aim not to take sides, blame, or provide simple answers. Rather, they work to engage family members in sharing understandings and exploring ways forward that work for them. Some Family Therapists work in teams or in partnership with colleagues. Others work as individual therapists.

If Family Therapy is the most appropriate treatment, decisions about the number of sessions and the intervals between appointments are made collaboratively between the therapist and family. The number of appointments offered will depend on the family members’ needs. Most sessions last between 45 minutes and one and a half hours. Families referred for Family Therapy will be offered an appointment between 9-5 Monday to Friday.

Parent Work

We offer Parent Groups for parents with young children and for those with adolescents who live, or have a GP, within the borough of Bromley. The purpose of the groups is to offer a supportive space for parents to explore difficulties by seeking guidance and support from the facilitators and each other.

Parent Groups run throughout the year and can be accessed by contacting us and making a referral.

Parents are able to attend this group regardless of whether their child/ young person attends here.

For Parents with younger chidren: The Incredible Years Parenting Programme was developed by Carolyn Webster-Stratton within the University of Washington Parenting Clinic. The programme, aimed at children aged 3 to 12 years, is founded on social learning theory and consists of at least 12 weekly, two-hour group sessions delivered by skilled practitioners. Overall, the Incredible Years Programme aims to: promote positive parenting, improve parent-child relationships, reduce critical and physical discipline and increase the use of positive strategies, help parents to identify social learning theory principles for managing behaviour and improve home-school relationships

The programme uses a collaborative approach, encouraging parents to learn from each other. Methods used include role play, modelling, group discussion, homework and reviewing DVDs of family behaviour.

For Parents of adolescents: The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program ® is a parenting and family support system designed to prevent – as well as treat – behavioural and emotional problems in children and adolescents. It aims to prevent problems in the family, school and community before they arise and to create family environments that encourage children to realise their potential.

Triple P draws on social learning, cognitive behavioural and developmental theory as well as research into risk factors associated with the development of social and behavioural problems in children/ young people. It aims to equip parents with the skills and confidence they need to be self-sufficient and to be able to manage family issues without ongoing support.

School Work

Our bespoke school service can be creatively tailored to support the needs of the individual school.

The Bromley Y team are dedicated, professionally qualified and experienced, with a particular expertise in working with young people.

What schools do we work in?

We currently work in 12 secondary schools and colleges throughout the Bromley area including:

  • Bromley High
  • Eltham College
  • Hayes School
  • Coopers School
  • St Olave’s
  • The Glebe School
  • Marjorie McClure
  • Bromley College
  • St Dunstan’s College

What services do we offer?

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • 1 to 1 counselling
  • Small group work
  • Drop-ins
  • Continuity of support through the school holidays
  • Parent support group work
  • Staff consultation
  • Staff supervision
  • Staff training

How can Bromley Y help within school?

Bromley Y can help with:

  • Classroom behaviour
  • Removing barriers to learning
  • Self-esteem
  • Depression and suicidal thoughts 
  • Bullying
  • Parental separation and step-family conflict
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Smoking, drug and alcohol abuse
  • Issues that young people have regarding their sexuality

“In my experience, having Bromley Y at school has been invaluable to our students. Many of them have told me how the work they have done has made such a difference to their lives and allowed them to move forward.” (Head of Year, St. Olave’s)

“Thank you for helping me through everything and giving me a chance to talk to someone.” (Pupil attending The Priory)

“Many young people feel sad, lonely, anxious and out of control. The service Bromley Y provides allows these vulnerable individuals an opportunity to understand themselves better. They provide a non-judgemental service for those who find it hard to talk about their feelings with family and friends.” (Head of Year, Bromley High)

Consultation and Training

Bromley Y offers consultation and training to other professionals working directly with young people such as School nurses, teaching staff and Counsellors/ Psychotherapists. Please make contact with us if you would like to enquire about our services.

Sexual Health Clinic

Please note that as of July 2017, the Saturday Sexual Health Clinic is now based at:

The Phoenix Centre
40 Masons Hill,

The clinics offer:

  • Emergency contraception
  • Advice and information on different methods of contraception
  • Chlamydia-testing & treatment (for under 25 years old). Gonorrhoea-testing only
  • Pregnancy advice and options
  • Coil and implant fittings (by apponitment)

Bromley Healthcare offer a walk-in service where you will be seen by a healthcare profesisonal.  It is possible that you will have a wait if the clinic is busy.  Once you have registered, you are able to attend any of the Bromley Healthcare clinics.

24 hour information line: 0208 315 8720



C-Card Scheme

Bromley Y supports the CCard scheme and young people are able to register for a card or get free condoms on a Thursday and Friday at our Ethelbert Road building.

The Come Correct or CCard scheme provides access to free condoms in a variety of locations across London.

Once registered you can collect condoms or get advice from any outlet displaying the Come Correct logo. 

Click here to find out more about the C Card scheme in Bromley